Kupo TV Coupler 844B

Adaptateur tube Ø50mm / Ø28mm / Spigot, CMU 300 kg

Descriptions détaillées

  • Constructed by rugged aluminum die-casting with TUV Approval.
  • With a 28 mm junior socket for luminaire or telescopic hanger.
  • The 3/8” threaded 16 mm baby stud is also available and alternated with 16 mm baby socket by spring latch bolt for lightweight luminaire and accessories.
  • Hook strut of top opening section limits the open space that offers assistance to rig.
  • The safety wire is bult with the clamp to ensure this essential safety aid is always on hand.
  • Linchpin is attached with the safety wire to keep it safe for pan adjustment of luminaire while the knob of clamp is loose.

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